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    My Jake Gardiner-PC 1st Show and Tell-New to SCF!

    Hi Everyone.

    New to SCF and thought I would take the time to do my first S&T. So here it top 10 Jake Gardiner cards for those that are Gardiner/Leaf fans. At the end I will include a link to my entire collection. Comments are always welcome!

    #10 Dominion Brand Logos /5

    #9 Panini Limited Numbers /9 (only one I have ever come across)

    #8 The Cup Auto Draft Board /25

    #7 The Cup ARP /249

    #6 The Cup Gold Rainbow /51

    #5 Certified Mirror Black 1/1

    #4 Limited Platinum Spotlight 1/1

    #3 Black Diamond Platinum 1/1

    #2 Panini Expo Sketch Card 1/1 (Hand Drawn by Gardiner himself and signed on the back)

    #1 The Cup Black Auto Laundry Tags 5/5

    Link to entire collection. I am fielding offers on some of them....downsizing somewhat...also, waiting on Cup Auto Rookie Bookmarks /25 from UD and Dominion Peerless Duel Patchs /5

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    That's a very nice collection you have, hopefully he gets cleared and plays soon.
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    Have already previously told you via pm, but I'll say it again- sick Gardiner PC and hope he stays with the Leafers for years to come :)

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    Awesome as usual Robb
    I collect MOST current Leafs! Major PC: Jake Gardiner
    Other PC's: Rielly, JVR, Kadri, Lupul etc. NonLeafs: Crosby, Datsyuk.

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    Thanks guys! I see tonight he's 100% ready to go...hopefully see him in the lineup sometime this week!

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