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Thread: Getting Back into the Hobby

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    Getting Back into the Hobby

    Hey Guys,

    Getting back into the hobby and looking to buy a box. I was trying not to spend more than 100. I was thinking either

    2012-13 UD Artifacts
    2012-13 Panini Certified
    2012-13 UD SPGU

    I am looking for something with some autos and/or gu. Which one do you guys think?

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    SPGU or Artifacts would be your best choices, but personally I wouldn't open any product from this year.

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    Since it seems like you prefer autos over memorabilia, I would stay away from SPGU and Artifacts as on average they yield mostly game used hits (jersey cards, patches etc.). A great product for pulling some nice autos would be 11-12 Contenders. It is cheaper than the 3 products you listed as you can get it from DACW for $60 along with two bonus blasters. Contenders also has more packs than SPGU and Artifacts which would make for a more fun of a break. Whichever box you decide to go with, best of luck!
    Happy breaking!

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    Thanks for the advise...i Definitely will look into 11-12 Contenders.

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    If your into goalies and historical stuff, 11-12 ITG BTP is a personal favorite...2 or 3 autos, a couple of good gu hits, chance of a really nice /9 or /10 gu card...usually around $65, but you can get discounts and sales on them for around $55 or $60.

    Good luck!

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    12-13 SP Game Used is awesome in my opinion. I haven't really seen a bad box. The rookie class isn't great, but Schwartz, Kreider, Baertschi, and then guys like Jake Allen and Jason Zucker are getting good returns. Definitely the most loaded boxes in my opinion
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    I don't think you can beat 11/12 Contenders for the money, as I strongly prefer hard-signed autos, but I also like the suggestion for 11/12 Between The Pipes, which is an enjoyable break despite the sticker autos.
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    SPGU has been good this year and the newest, id crack one of those

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    11-12 contenders is your best choice especially for the price!
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