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Thread: Forgiveness in Sports?

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    Try wikipedia for the Ray Lewis murder trial details.

    Forgiveness happens as long as the player performs on the field, although I will say that a guy who made a few dumb racist comments (John Rocker) will be villified the rest of his life more then a murderer. Makes sense right?

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    This article kind of points out the way I remember the whole ordeal. Not saying it's right, but it just seems like there was no real evidence to convict him of much of anything.
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    We as humans are very forgiving,perhaps to a fault.I try to take it on a case by case basis as long as the people we are forgiving have changed for the better.Spygate is forgiven as far as I'm concerned it's just something used to annoy Patriots fans.Ray Lewis on the other hand,none of us were there and don't really know what happened,people can call him a phony all they want but the people that matter most to him his teammates seem to respect him.Lance Armstrong for all the good he was doing for cancer research seemed to throw too many other olympic athletes under the bus to try and cover his tracks,there comes a time when you have to come clean but an interview with Oprah does nothing for me,it was an admission he should've made long ago.
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    We forgive Murder and other violent acts
    but some wont forget gambling? ie Pete Rose
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    try wiki, allot of people have the facts wrong. you can also check out this.

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    Manti's girlfriend issue is nothing to make a big deal about. People need to remember that he is still a basically a kid. Kids do dumb things. My guess is the girlfriend thing started as some sort of joke and got out of control and he didn't know how to end it without losing face with his friends and teammates.

    Ray Lewis is Ray Lewis. His talent overshadows his character issues. My .02 is he was involved in the stabbings and lied and paid off people to get away with it.

    The Pats spygate issue sticks in my throat because it resulted in Super Bowl rings. We hear a lot of talk about the Pats dynasty, but in my opinion any dynasty claim should include (and will) an asterisk. Just like Mark McGwire breaking the HR record stands but we all know the truth, the same concept exist in my mind for the Pats and for Lance Armstrong.

    So I guess my point is that I look at each situation differently. I do not apply a single means of "forgiveness" to every situation.

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    I feel it it a travesty Rose is not in the hall

    Quote Originally Posted by MadMan1978 View Post
    We forgive Murder and other violent acts
    but some wont forget gambling? ie Pete Rose
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    Quote Originally Posted by ajcorleone View Post
    I feel it it a travesty Rose is not in the hall
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kickstand54 View Post
    I need to go back and read the facts on the Ray Lewis trial. Anyone have a good link that's not full of opinion and speculation?

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    The problem with Pete Rose is that he was given multiple chances to come clean and he lied and didn't when given the chance. He basically only did when he ran out of money. The guy blew his chance to get reinstated and he just has himself to blame.
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