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    Looking for Leafs Vintage PC Wants and 80s OPC RCs

    I would like to add a nice piece to my Vintage PC. For me condition is critical so I’d like to see 300 dpi scans of the front and back of the card if it is not graded.

    I am looking for the following:

    All Maple Leafs:
    Parkhurst 51/52 to 63/64
    Topps 65/66 to 67/68
    OPC 68/69 to 87/88

    Top Wants:
    Keon 61/62 Parkhurst RC
    Lanny 74/75 OPC RC
    Salming 74/75 OPC RC
    Wendel Clark Topps RC
    George Armstrong’s
    Frank Mahovlich’s
    Tim Horton’s
    Darryl Sittler’s
    Wendel Clark’s (incl. Pre-Rookies)

    OPC 1980s RCs: Bourque, Messier, Stevens, Lemieux, Roy, Shanahan, Sakic, etc. (Canadians)

    Please PM me if you have something for me. Thanks for the look.
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    PM sent.

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    got a nice Shanny OPC available, pm if interested will shoot you up some scans this evening

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    Bump for the morning, 1 small purchase made. Looking for more.

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    Have these available - not sure on values:

    Looking for: Panini Prime Colors, One-Timers and Jumbo Patches!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bimola View Post
    Have these available - not sure on values:
    PM sent

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