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Thread: $30 to spend TONIGHT!

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    $30 to spend TONIGHT!

    I have $30 Paypal for the best Auto I can get tonight. Auto can be of anyone. I just ask that your price is at or below ebays. I would prefer 1 card but no more than 2 cards for the $30. Lmk what you have. Thanks!

  2. Doniceage
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    any of these for $30

    9/25 BV $100


    Collecting GREEN BAY PACKERS!,
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    Trading and selling only in the US sorry !

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    RBC- Didn't see anything I can use right now, thanks for posting.

    PF- I like the Kelly best, but I already own a Jim Kelly auto. I think I'm gonna have to pass for now. Thank you for posting as well.

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    I'm looking for Cam Newton, A.J. Green, Terrance Williams
    Cam Newton Super Collection
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    hhliving I sent you a PM.

    Moneyline I'll have to pass on the Hilton, thanks for the post.

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    Pm returned, LMK and Thanks again
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