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    14 Prizm Retail packs from Target got me these ...

    First off i just got back from a funeral overseas wherein my father in law passed away last week. Glad it was a federal holiday so i got time to do grocery and pick up some target retail packs. i know prizm is drying so i snagged whatever packs i could find. Honestly there was 1 pack that i almost left behind. the pack was opened probably half an inch wide so technically if you look at it you would surely see if theres a green inside. i was suppose to leave it i got curious so i peeped. no greens for sure but i see some white thingy inside so i took it and paid for it . to cut it short when i got home and busted the packs ... that open pack contained an autograph ... a pack searcher probablly missed it ...

    so here were my hits

    better rcs and inserts

    not a biggie but here are my greens and the autograph out of the open pack

    thanks for looking

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    Wish our target stores sold NBA packs here in Aus :( Congrats on hitting the auto. Nice greens too!

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    Yeah, can't find Prizm in my retail stores, either. Nice box - could use the Ibaka.

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