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    1 Nice Box of 2012 Panini Certified Football

    I just arrived from an overseas trip last night due to a death in my family(father in law). had to scramble for a week to attend the funeral overseas and just got back home last night. To relieve some stress i dropped by my lcs to pick up some stress reliever box .i saw 1 lone box of 2012 certfied football on the shelf so as the saying goes " Dont Leave the last box/pack on the shelf" ... i am just glad it relieved some stress off and and a couple of change

    so here are my hits



    EBAY 1/1 (49/49)

    nice die cut

    and of course the best hit .... actually i slow rolled it when i opened it ... i saw the name and i said nahhhhh no more slow rolling

    thanks for looking ....
    i trade by book , sell by SV and when reasoning fails Common sense should step in
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    Very nice!
    No more international shipping for me with the new shipping rates, sorry.

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    Hey Jed!! NICE Hit Buddy On The Luck Auto!!! I Can't Even Seem To Pull A Regular Luck RC. LOL

    Thanks, John

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    Sorry to hear about the death in the family. Nice break.
    I trade by book value & buy/sell by sell value but always factor in common sense. Collecting David Wright, Derek Jeter, Ben Roethlisberger & Hines Ward. Looking for vintage/autos of Graig Nettles, Terry Bradshaw, Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, Franco Harris, Jack Lambert, Rod Woodson and Superbowl/World Series MVP autos. Bucket - Hidden Content

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    Congratulations on the Andrew Luck.

    -Robert Lewis
    PSA graded T206 / PSA graded pre-1980 Detroit Tigers
    Detroit Lions / Detroit Pistons / Detroit Redwings / Detroit Tigers
    University of Michigan Wolverines / Memphis State Tigers
    CM Punk / Brian Stann / Bettie Page / Heidi Klum
    autograph, & memorabilia cards!!!

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    Sorry to hear about your father in law.

    Great hit on the Luck!


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    Can't go wrong with a hit of Collinsworth...

    Nice hit with the Luck.

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