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    I'm glad I don't collect JVR...YIKES! Couldn't get anything with that dude on the loose.

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    Really have to be aware of the hoarders. Was recently letting some Bossy autos go of his current The Cup Stanley release, figuring will just catch the next one on ebay . Finally noticed someone buying them up, was able to grab one for my PC real quick, so someday he will have 49/50 copies :)
    Tavares Autos ONLY
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    ???? Some guys have to much money to spend...

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    I believe Curt (gabbyguy) as like 202 of a jersey card numbered /303

    Cant remember is user id but a guy on H.I as 99 or more Stephan Meyer cup rookie /249 if my memory serve me right.

    For non serial numbered card i remember a guy posted he add over 550 Martin Gelinas UD rookies.
    08/09 Ultimate Autographed Rookie patch /25 set builder. 40/41 , ( 40/40? )
    Need: Boychuk, Okposo* Ultimate rookie auto patch /25
    Collecting James Neal and High End rookie cards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil44 View Post
    ???? Some guys have to much money to spend...
    LF this ITG Decades 1980's Autograph: AMM2 - Mark Messier CAN SP. Also need many Emblems and Numbers from ITG Decades 1980's and may need Quads, Golds or other low print runs from that set.
    PC includes Sakic, Vaive, Salming, Lafleur, Shutt and anyone named Stastny except Yan. Starting a new, limited GETZLAF PC - looking for hard-signed autos of Getzlaf and any memorabilia with print run 100 or less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craig2 View Post
    I think Lee's JVR rookie-year collection is incredible. He's got 35 of the 99 Cup rookies, over half the Ultimate Collection /99 print run, and over 30 jersey-numbered cards. Phenomenal:

    That's a ton of cash to blow on a player that has done nothing. He has the biggest chance of crapping the bed as any player that has ever come to T.O. with huge expectations.

    At least with a HOFer, you can break even over a lifetime.

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    I have encountered numerous hoarders over the past 23 years and some of them are already listed in this thread so I will mention the first and last encounters. The first hoarder I encountered was while living in Colorado Springs, and his card was the Upper Deck Modano RC. Given his obseesion with the card, it wouldn't suprise me to learn that he reached 1,000 copies. Too bad for him that they aren't even worth half their original value. More recently I have encountered a hoarder of 02/03 UD Vintage parallels, both the Greenbacks out of 199 and the Gold Tall Boys /99. I finally found out who was making it near impossible for me to obtain the few remaining numbers I need as he apparently has close to five sets of each.

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    There is/are a person or persons that are hoarding 08-09 OPC Gold Parallels and Metal-X Parallels.

    There aren't any, anywhere.

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    I'm a self-confessed hoarder when it comes to the Sedins - I had about a third of the print run of their Quad diamond RC's at one point (stated print run of 50 apiece), though I've moved a few since then... now I hoard only nameplates or similar items - if anyone has any to help fill the gaps in my collection, I'd love to hear from you!

    In total I have 21 of 27 game-worn nameplate letters (3 nameplates consist just of "Sedin" while the other two also have their first initial)... 8 of 13 AllStar locker nameplates from Panini Prime (including pending redemptions for the auto'ed copies)... and 2 of 2 for captain's letters (both halves of the Panini Prime "A" from Henrik).

    09-10 SPGU Daniel By The Letter Nameplate 4 out of 5

    10-11 SPGU Daniel By The Letter Nameplate 4 out of 5

    11-12 Prime Genuine Letters Daniel Nameplate 5 out of 6 (have the "D." and the "S" incoming - note Panini apparently erred and stamped these as x/7, but there are only 6 letters)

    11-12 Prime Genuine Letters Henrik Nameplate 3 out of 6 (as above, there are only 6 letters despite them being stamped as x/7)

    11-12 Prime AllStar Nameplate Daniel 4 of 6 (there is also an auto version x/2 - I have one but its currently a redemption waiting on Panini)

    11-12 Prime AllStar Nameplate Henrik 2 of 4 (also have the 1/1 auto version, also still a redemption waiting on Panini)

    11-12 Prime Captain's Cloth Henrik 2 of 2

    Superlative III Daniel Nameplate 5 of 5

    Visit the home of the Daniel and Henrik Sedin Collection Hidden Content
    Most Wanted List
    14-15 Masterpieces Sawchuk Red Stick x/35, Barber Black Stick x/25
    Any Sedin 1/1 or game worn letter
    Any Lord Stanley's Mug 1/1

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