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    i know im not the only one that feels this way....

    Lately I've started to notice that I really prefer on card autos instead of a sticker that's been autographed Nd stuck on a card. Does anybody else feel this way also? Opinions?

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    It really looks bad when a player is signing a sheet of stickers and they go off the sticker. If stickers aren't that noticeable on a card, it doesn't look that bad. The look of a card with an on-card auto let's you know that they personally signed that card.

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    I like everyone else would prefer on card but I'm not going to turn down a card that I want simply because it is a sticker auto.
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    Yeah a lot of those sticker autos look out of place on the card. Ugky

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    The player did NOT autograph the card, they autographed the sticker!
    I do not collect autographed stickers, I collect autographed cards.
    I will settle for the stickered cards in many cases, but I am never pleased about it.

    I still do not have an Aaron Rodgers auto, and I will take about any auto card of a Packer if I need it, but I REFUSE to get an A-Rod with the darn sticker. I MUST have a real auto for A-Rod.

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    Yeah you git a point its q signed sticker stuck on a card. I'll still get some but I prefer on card autos. So much nicer

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