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    football and basketball autod pics!!!! PEYTON JSA, favre, Sayers, and more HOFers!!

    all are fs and i wanna get rid of them. ask for a price and i will pm back . all of the little ones that are at a price range of $5 to $15 i would like to sell in a bigger lot so its easier to ship so pick out the ones u want and ill get u the price ASAP. this is the last of my collection so im eager to get rid of them. VERY CHEAP!

    peyton manning JSA

    gale sayers mounted memories coa 8x10 $40

    LT is gone. herschel walker 5x3

    desmond howard and derrick mason . both 6x4

    willie davis and joe theismann. both 6x4

    warren moon and chuck bednarik. both 6x4

    mcnabb 8.5x11 w/coa

    kemba 6x4

    jennings 6x4

    mallet 6x4

    dalton 6x4 (rip in top right)

    sullinger 6x4

    favre signed card

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    other little ones that i cannat get pics of at the moment are:
    suh (personalized)
    percy harvin
    austin collie
    shane battier(personalized)

    danny woodhead(personalized)
    peyton manning( more like a 6x3.5)
    trey tompkins
    jason kidd
    matt barkley(personalized)
    ricky stanzi(personalized)
    bob greise 5x3
    archie manning 5x3
    dallas clark 5x3
    reggie miller 6x4

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    If you'd consider trading the Sayers 8x10, please PM me. Thanks.

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    Sorry cant trade I'm clearing out my collection

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