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Thread: 3 Card mailday

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    3 Card mailday

    Awhile back, I sent a card to a trader on another site not caring what came back or even if anything came back. It was a decent card, ITG Staal stick /24, but not one i was super worried about. The one thing I did know was coming back was a +1 on my Lidstrom RC collection. I'm not even sure how many of these I have anymore.

    So, knowing that was coming I waited patiently. Quite frankly, I forgot about the whole thing. Anyway, it all came in today and in addition to the Lidstrom RC I found this

    Which gives me a Linden AU from each team he played for (Canucks, Islanders, Canadiens, Capitals) though I am debating whether I need another Canucks one since he played for them twice. Thoughts?

    The big card in this package was a big boost for my Barry Brust collection

    06-07 BTP Bernier/Brust/LaBarbera

    Thanks for the look. Comments always welcome!

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    Well THAT was a ok trade eh? And yes, more Linden autos!!! Too many is never enough!!!
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    You need a Linden in the Skate jerseys and one in the orca ;) nice cards!

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    Thanks guys!
    Quote Originally Posted by flopfish View Post
    You need a Linden in the Skate jerseys and one in the orca ;) nice cards!
    I was thinking that. I just picked up a second Linden AU, but it's an orca. I'm gonna count it for now until I can get my hands on a skate logo.

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