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    Wtb/wttf: 2012-13 draft day patch auto john tavares /10

    As the title says. I'm looking for Letters T and E

    Pm me
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    So you are the one spending $80 shot on ebay for them ? Will be nice when you get the whole thing. I spent around $45 average for the 10-11 versions in my signature. Will be interesting to see how they price these or if they even will as SPGU has listed them 1/10 per letter (which turns out to be 1/70 comparing to the 1/50 of the earlier version). The 1/50s were BV $80 but with 1/10 they may identify as too ow production to price.

    Altho the draft day is nicer looking with JTs pic included. Good luck, happy hunting, took me 8mths to find an R but was a nice challenge.
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    yeah i'm the one... i like the way the subset looks and the tavares are on /10...after a week i'm 4/7. but i missed an E on sunday..I'll let you know if i succeed!

    Thanks for the wishes

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    4/7 ? you do realize there are 10 of each letter making it technically out of 70 right ?
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    yeah i meant 4 letters (2XA, 1XR and 1XS) out of 7 (miss T, V and E)

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    So you paid the guy $70 for the V. There is an E coming on ebay starts at 59.99 with big shipping rate of $15, so you will likley get that one. Can't wait until you get your letters so the prices will come back to normal. Figure the book values will come out around 80 max, so 40-50 will eventually be a decent price range. I did manage to grab the T for myself for $59. Little higher then I wantedto pay but it is 1/10 so technically it's the 1/70 (first letter and first number).
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