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Thread: It's been tooooooooo long

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    It's been tooooooooo long

    Well, its been about a year since I've been on here. Between a deployment, divorce, and being depressed about no hockey! I haven't been collecting as much. I've added a few low numbered Goligoski's to the collection here lately, and am always looking to add more. While the card buying hasn't been as busy, I do have a new something something. It's even numbered to 1000! Seems like a pretty high number for a card right? Welll........

    It's a pretty low number for a car! My new baby 2013 Audi TTRS


    I'll hopefully be getting a bunch of cards together for a big lot sale. I'm trying to narrow down my collection (gotta pay for this guy some how). The site looks great, and I'm looking forward to some hockey and setting up some trades. Like I said, its been way too long! Happy Collecting

    Goligoski Cards --142/153
    Goligoski Cup Printing Plates -- 18/64
    Crosby Cards -- 550 and counting...
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    I'll trade you my 1/1 of Lemieux for your /1000... fair trade right? :P

    Nice car, welcome back!
    Main wants: Schneider Cup RPA, OEL 1/1s and highends
    The not-so updated (In other words, 3/4 of it is sold) Hidden Content

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