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    You've got to see this!! A Great One!!

    Went to the LCS to pick up a card I bought from a local, ended up having Nikki picked a tin of the Cup for me to bust and boy, her hot hand did it again!!

    This is the card that I picked up....

    And for the tin of the Cup.... there is a decoy in it!!!

    As the title said, it's a Great One!!! Thanks Nikki!!

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    WOW nice pull, congrats!
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    Nice. Very very nice. What else did you get out of your box?

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    Nikki always has a hot hand there. I heard about the hot hand last time I went up there and had her pick a box for me. It didn't work for me, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klavalla View Post
    Nice. Very very nice. What else did you get out of your box?
    Also got the followings:

    Robinson base
    Two rookie ARP - Colborne and Orlov redemption.
    A dual enshrinements- Coffey and Francis

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    Wow! Two of the nicer cards I have seen in awhile.... And that Wayne! Sicks

    Congrats! Makes me want to try my luck on a tin

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    wow thats crazy sick !! a very very nice patch on the gretzky !!! easy double your tin very well done.

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    incredible. great pull, id say i was interested but i just bought a car last night lol

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