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    wttf autos, older RCs (have hockey/mma)

    This list is going to be disorganized, but I apologize. My main wants are autos, I try to collect 1 auto of each player and there are a TON I need. Don't have to be high end. Next up I try to collect 1 solid RC of each player, especially looking for lots of 80's and earlier. Though I also will take UD YG and SP Authentic FW of most stars that I need.

    I finally dug up a decade old tradelist I had posted on some forum, so it undoubtedly has errors but it's going to be pretty close. Sadly, since it's 10 years old all of the cards are too (save for a couple, hit a pretty sweet Pominville/10 panini prime patch).

    any pre 90's players, love the vintage guys, from commons to stars!)
    (many, many others. Will take most anything in bulk lots, depending on what
    you want for them. I generally don't like to trade 1 high end card for a ton
    of $5 cards unless I'm getting the better end of the deal. I can send a list
    of all the autos I already HAVE, I collect one of each player so I'm looking
    for an auto of any player not already on the list)
    9697 BAP regular autos #:11,47,105,115,174,175

    Guerin 9192 parkhurst
    pre 80's RCs
    star player RCs from UD Young Guns or SP Authentic Future Watch 0304 to present

    Marian Hossa:
    9798 Dynagon Dark Grey
    9798 Dynagon Silver
    9798 Donruss Preferred Cut to the Chase




    Marian Hossa:
    9798 Donruss Preferred RC x8
    9798 Pacific Dynagon RC x7
    9798 Pacific Paramount RC (x15)
    9798 Pacific Paramount copper
    9798 Pacific Paramount blue x3
    9798 Pacific Paramount dark grey x9
    9798 Pinnacle RC (x80)
    9798 Pinnacle Rink Collection (x5)
    9798 Pinnacle Artist Proof
    9798 UD RC (x30)
    9798 Donruss Elite RC (x20)
    9798 Donruss Elite Aspirations (x6)
    9798 Donruss Elite Status
    9899 OPC Chrome Refractor
    9900 BAP Millenium signature auto
    9900 Hossa/Gretzky UD next generation (blue)

    High end(ish)
    9798 Donruss Elite MASTER Craftsmen Gretzky
    9798 Pacific Omega Gretzky/Messier Ice Blue
    9798 Crown Royale Thornton ice blue
    9798 Donruss Elite Prime Numbers die cut Jagr 6a 166/266

    0304 UD SOTT: Gretzky!!! Hall
    94 sig.rookies: Scatchard
    95 Sig.rookies: Redden
    9596 BAP: regular: U.Samuelsson, Ewen, Leach, Yachmenev
    die cut: S.Kozlov, Ranheim
    9697 BAP: regular: Rice, Woolley, Zettler, Finn,
    9798 BAP regular: McGillis, S.Daniels
    9899 BAP: regular: Hebert, Weinrich, Goncharx2, Zhamnov, C.Gratton, Mike
    Johnson, K.Hatcher, B.Mironov, Langkow, Zubov, Werenka, T.Green, Cassels,
    Reichel, D.Mironov, J.Murphy, Malakhov, McLennan, Waite, Daniels, Rucchin,
    G.Johnson, Malhotra
    gold auto: D.Mironov, Korolev, Yashin, P.Ferraro
    9900 BAP Millenium: McAmmond
    00-01 BAP: Willis
    0102 BAP gold auto: Jas.Allison, Demitra, Tverdovsky, Domenichelli
    0203 BAP sig: Giguere
    UD Ice Authentics jersey auto Iginla
    UD MVP Prosign Stanley Cup edition Brendl
    Bouwmeester UD premier collection
    Black Diamond signature gems: Kurt Sauer, Comrie
    non-certified autos: Emerson, Driver, Cassels, Otto, T.Green, Langdon,
    Numminen, Dineen, Graves, Kovalev, BrindAmour, U.Samuelsson, D.King

    8889 OPC Brett Hull
    9697 UD Joe Thornton
    0304 Bowman Patrice Bergeron auto RC
    9091 Score Lindros graded 10 GEM MINT
    9899 Black Diamond Morrow
    9596 SP premeir prospects Iginla, die cuts Iginla, Samsonov
    0102 UD young guns: Snyder
    0102 Bowman Young Stars: Huselius, Pletka, Dopita, Bednar, Erskine,
    Bryzgalov(ice cubed)
    2001 SP Authentic Petrovicky, Thinel, M.Smith
    2001 SPX Hagman 464/999
    2001 SPX Landry, Swanson, Horcoff/1500
    2001 UD ICE Manlow, Tenkrat, Kultanen/1500
    0102 BAP Sig.series: Kolanos, Erat, Rycroft, Ciernek, Berry, Piros, Dupuis
    0102 BAP: Huselius, Nedorost, Bryzgalov, Tobler(blue, 62/100)
    0102 Parkhurst: Vrbata, Vigier, Spahnel
    2000 UD Prospects Beech, Lundmark, Kazarian
    9899 Black Diamond Muckalt, Parrish, Johansson, Mikkola, Virkkunen,
    9900 Black Diamond Lysak
    9899 Bowman's Best: Muckalt, Maneluk, Lindqvist, Wilm, Nasreddine, Helmer,
    E.Chouinard, Varlamov, Garon, Roger, DeCecco
    9899 Topps: A bunch, who you lookin for?
    9091 Score Lindros (canadian)
    9091 UD Recchi, Mogilny, Sundin, most others
    9192 UD Selanne x3, Khabi x2, Weight, Ozolinsh, Kamensky, Leclair x2,
    Amonte, Tkachuk x4, Palffy x4, most others
    9798 UD Gagne, Fata, Milley x7, Ribiero, Richards
    9899 Crown Royale St.Louis
    9798 Black Diamond
    <> Vishnevski x5, Knutsen, Balmochnyk x4, Malhotra x2, Shvidki x4,Farkas x4,
    Elias x5, Peterson x4, Legwand x2, Lecavalier, Tanguay x2, Sedins x4ea,
    <><> Legwand, Malhotra, Peterson, Elias, Noronen x2, Lecavalier
    <><><> Knutsen, Sturm, Farkas, Shvidki, Malhotra, H.Sedin, D.Sedin, Tanguay
    PC: Elias <> and <><><><>
    9899 SP Authentic Maneluk
    0001 SPX Rookie Redemption: Colorado (Nedorost) and Los Angeles
    0102 Black Diamond Goren
    0102 Titanium Draft Day Gionta
    0203 Bowman Young Stars (many)
    0203 UD Avery, Schultz, Balax2, Langfeld, Krestanovich, Sanford, Pilar,
    Koehler, Somik, Pirjeta, Charpentier, Nedorost, Cibak, Centomo
    0203 Classic Portraits Sharp
    0203 Honor Roll: Ott, Murphy, Smirnov, Aulin
    class act Smirnov, Chistov
    0203 Vanguard: Miller (0002/1650), Upshall
    0203 SP Authentic Paul, Hedstrom, Henderson,
    0203 SPx: Brandner (exchange)
    0203 SPx (jerseys): Sharp, Henderson
    0304 Bowman Mara (decoy) Brown (chrome), Moore (xfractor, 125/150)

    Game Used (various years and sets...only gonna specifically list the key ones, I would assume all others are low-end gu)
    ***Pominville panini prime geniune letters "0" patch, 2/10
    Cechmanek /99 piece of history
    Cechmanek UD goaltender threads
    Trottier stick legacy
    Sakic champ.stick /150
    Iginla classic portraits
    Jagr UD first class
    Jagr UD difference makers
    Luongo 2003 titanium
    Guerin beehive
    Brodeur diamond threads
    Thibeault diamond threads
    Svitov diamond threads
    Denis diamond threads
    Roenick diamond threads
    Theodore diamond threads
    K.Primeau diamond threads
    Daze diamond threads
    Gomez clear cut winners x2
    Hejduk clear cut winners
    Torres frozen fabrics UD ice
    Hamhuis Bowman premiere performances
    Lupul/Fedorov rookie update rookie inspirations /999
    D.Brown/Palffy rookie update rookie inspirations /999
    Shanahan prism 2004
    Shanahan artistic impressions artist's touch /499
    Iginla artistic impressions artist's touch /499
    Sundin/Cujo UD unstoppable combos
    Tallinder Bowman YG fabric of the future
    Frolov Bowman YG fabric of the future
    Gaborik Bowman YS fabric of the future (missing jersey swatch!)
    Lundmark UD artistic impressions on the right track /299
    Shanahan SP Authentic /599
    Lemieux UD CHL graduates
    HAsek jersey/stick winning materials spx
    Yashin black diamond glove
    Brent Johnson UD saviors
    Hinote SP authentic sp1
    Kris Russell UD ice fresh threads dual jersey /100
    Lehtonen UD
    Belfour UD
    Jokinen UD
    Iginla UD shooting stars
    Conroy private stock 2004 /500
    Frolov topps future phenoms
    Horton topps future phenoms
    Naslund UD rookie update NHL skills /75
    Sarno spx rookie stars jumbo /999
    Sharp spx rookie stars jumbo /999
    Jason Allison spx extreme talents /15

    SP Authentic:
    SP Limited 10th anniv.: Gaborik 15/99, Jagr 82/99
    SP Limited Honors: Howe 10/99
    SP Limited: Gaborik 61/99
    SP Honors (#/900) Gaborik, Belfour, Koivu, Bertuzzi, Spezza, Thornton,
    Cherry, Howe
    10th anniv (#/1994) Sakic, Hemsky, Brodeur, Gretzky, Roy, Yzerman
    Breakout Season (#/500): Brodeur, Belfour, Thibeault (001/500!!!)

    Black Diamond:
    Horton quad RC
    Fritschke, Erhoff, Halex2 triple RC
    <><>: Gagne, Hatcher, Sundin, O'neillx2, Turco, Weiss, Belfourx3, Lindros,
    Selanne, Jagr, Axelsson, Arkhipovx2, Afinogenov, Leopold, Iginla, Lidstrom
    <><><>: Drury, Pronger, Ott, Lalime, Francis, Yashin
    <><> green: Jagr 25/100
    <> green: Chara 67/100

    Upper Deck:
    Mr Hockey #s: 3,7,8,14,19,20,27,29
    Young Guns: Higgins, Hale, Peters
    3 stars: Naslund

    9798 Donruss Preferred
    Gold: Palffy, Potvin, McAuley cut to the chase
    silver: Yashin, Ozolinsh, Pronger, Grier, Oates, Lindros Nat.treasures,
    Francis cut to the chase
    Bronze cut to the chase: Carter, Burke, York, Selanne nat.treasures

    9798 Black Diamond Triple: Forsberg, many commons
    9798 Black Diamond Double: many commons
    9798 Black Diamond Double PC: Brodeur
    9798 Black Diamond single PC: Jagr

    9798 Donruss Elite Aspirations Forsberg, some commons
    9798 Donruss Elite Craftsmen Gretzky, Forsberg, Hasek, Brodeur
    9899 Black Diamond Prospects: H.Sedin <><><> $25
    D.Sedin <><> $12.50
    Weinhandl <><><>

    9798 Pinnacle Totally Certified
    Red:many, inc Gretzky, Forsberg, Lindros
    Blue:many, inc Hull x2, Bure, Sakic, Forsberg
    9798 Pinnacle Totally Certified Red Daren Puppa (0093/4299,jersey #93)

    9899 Crown Royale: Most of the set, inc Gretzky, Hasek, Jagr, Sakic, etc

    0203 UD Memorable Seasons: Amonte SP, Yzerman, Orr(x2), Gretzky, Kariya,
    Lemuiex, Sakic, Brodeur(x2)

    0203 SP Authentic:
    Future Greats: Niemenen, Comrie(x2), Schastlivy, McDonald, Huml, Datsyuk
    hat trick performers: Tkachuk, Kariya, Shanahan

    Lebron James UD City Heights
    8485 Topps Gretzky
    9798 Dynagon Silver: Allison
    9899 Aurora Silver Bourque, Primeau
    9899 Black Diamond Myriad 1 Jagr $15
    9899 Crown Royal Limited Series Daze
    9899 Crown Royal Limited Series Kvasha
    9899 UD YOTGO Quantum 1 GO6 1755/1999
    0001 BAP Memorabilia Sapphire Blake 24/100
    0102 UD series 2 Kovalchuk $15 x2
    1112 Panini Nugent-Hopkins, Kreider
    1213 Classic Signatures retired numbers Billy Smith, Trottier

    9798 Pacific Paramount Copper (Many)
    0102 Bowman Young Stars ice cubed (20)

    Player lots: these are lots of mid-low inserts and regular issues of star
    players. Each lot will have 10-50 cards, each card usually with a value less
    than $5 with the occassional card that's slightly more. When I trade these I
    want to trade them as a LOT to a collector who collects that specific player
    or team. I do not expect full book value in trade for them (nor will I want
    to look them all up.) We'll just get an estimate value and go from there. I
    have lots of the following players:
    Bure, Gretzky, Jagr, Brodeur, Thornton, Sakic, Hasek, Hull, Messier,
    Tkachuk, Palffy, Samsonov, Selanne, Lecavalier, Roy, Lindros, Bondra,
    Forsberg, Leclair, Shanahan, Fedorov, Kariya, Yzerman, Modano, and probably
    just about anyone else you can come up with from the late 90's early 2000's)

    Goalie Lot: various goalie cards (low end inserts and parallels mostly)

    9798 Bowman CHL/OPC/Bowman's Best (many, a few ref. and atomic ref.)
    0203 UD Artistic Impressions and retrospectives (many rookies, parallels, etc)
    0203 Bowman YOung Stars (many rcs, parallels, etc)
    0304 Bowman (many RCs, parallels, etc)

    Complete sets and subsets:
    9798 Pinnacle Select Certified
    9697 Pinnacle Select Certified
    9798 Bowman CHL
    9798 Starquest blue x2
    0203 SP Authentic (no SPs) x3
    0203 Fleer Throwbacks
    0203 Classic Portraits (no SPs)
    0304 SP Authentic (no SPs) x3

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    I am interested in the 9798 Donruss Elite Status and the Donruss Priority Yashin Cut to the Chase. I have plenty of traders new and old on my page at the link. Let me know if you spot anything you like. Thanks

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    I have a BAPS Dallas stars Belfour and alot of north stars autos I'm looking to trade I can send you a picture or list if you need just got started on this site

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