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Thread: Best Masks of The Decade

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    Best Masks of The Decade


    It's time for you to have your say again.

    What do you think were the best goalie masks of each decade listed below?


    Who knows where your choices might show up.

    Brian Price

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    90-99 : Ed Belfour(Black Hawks) Roman Turek(St-Louis) Brian Hayward (San JOse) John Vanbeesbrook (floride)
    70-79 : Ken Dryden (mtl) Gilles Meloche (cleveland baron) Wayne Stephenson (Flyers)
    80-89 :
    Murray Bannerman (CHicago) Rick Tabaracci (Winipeg), Gilles Meloche (Minnesota)
    00-09 : Steve Shield (bos) Nikolai Khabibulin(Chicago)
    10-.. Jonathan Quick (LA) Halak (Mtl) Jonas Hiller (Anaheim, the black one)

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    I'm very biased when I say it..... But from the 90s..... Bill Ranford. Great mask, and never been used as a mask card. Just saying :)
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    1960's anyone who didn't wear a mask
    1970's Gerry Cheevers, might be my favorite of all time
    1980's Grant Fuhr, based solely on how creepy I find it
    1990's Belfour comes to mind right away as iconic, and Hasek for nostalgic reasons, Vanbiesbrouck had a good one too
    2000's Marty Turco by far, any of the Dallas ones, the demons are amazing
    2010-Present Varlamov, Yetti vs. Snowman, other than that I havn't paid attention for a while who has a good one anymore.

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    1960's: Ed Giacomin - Classic
    1970's: Gilles Gratton - Tiger
    1980's: John Davidon - Lone Ranger
    1990's: John Vanbiesbrouck - Rangers Bee's
    2000's: Mike Richter: Liberty Head
    2010's: Henrik Lundqvist - Winter Classic
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    60's Ed Giacomin
    70's Gilles Gratton
    80's Pelle Lindbergh
    90's John Vanbiesbrouck (Flyers) Bee Mask
    2000's Patrick Roy Colorado Mask (with Mountain)
    2010's Lundqvist Winter Classic or Jonathan Quick (Kings)

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    my two favorites are Cheevers and Gilles Gratton, but as a Sabres fan I have a soft spot for Gerry Desjardins' mask
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    1960's Sawchuks was just grizzly
    1970's Gerry Cheevers, awesome
    1980's i try to forget the 80's as much as possible
    1990's i don't remember the 90's so good :)
    2000's Huet's Blackhawks mask was pretty sweet
    2010-Dig the 'Buffalo' script mask Ryan Miller currently wears (biased Sabres fan)

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