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Thread: Best Masks of The Decade

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    Don't know about old school, but Ray Emery has an AWESOME mask every year
    Main PC: Marcus Kruger
    Other PC: Tommy Wingels and Christian Friedrich

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    Kirk McLean's demon horses
    Corey Hirsch's haunted house
    Ed Belfour's eagle
    John Vanbiesbrouck's gold panther
    Curtis Joseph's Cujo

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    I had to read through this list twice because I thought I had missed this Gary Bromley people?

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    I always liked this mask worn by Stephan Fiset.

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    1960-69 Terry Sawchuk
    1970-79 Wayne Stephenson

    1980-89 Mike Luit, the long one that looked like a Scream mask

    1990-99 Patrick Lalime's Marvin the Martian

    2000-2009 Roman Turek's Iron Maiden ones

    2010-present Steve Valiquette's Spider man one

    Honorable mention: Martin Gerber

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    For the 1970's, it has to be Gilles Gratton's Tiger mask
    For the 80's, Gary Bromley's skull mask, Michel Dion's birdbeek Penguins mask, Murray Bannerman's Hawks mask
    Ugliest: Jiri Crha's mask when he made his debut

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    I don't like the complicated painted ones with crazy graphics. Here are my two favorite masks of all time:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob PBS View Post

    2010-present Steve Valiquette's Spider man one

    I forgot about the Spiderman mask. This one is very cool.
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    Jonas Hiller's Movember mask is a recent favorite. Curtis Joseph's mask is likely my favorite ever though.

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