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    Looking for Highend- Peterson, Green, Johnson, Jones, Ryan

    Looking to get some new stuff in so have been in the selling mood. Have about $1000 in PP for true Rookie Auto, Autos/patches of these players. Ill probably keep this open the entire offseason as I will always be looking to add these players. I will update the list if my wants change! Please post or PM a scan and price. Looking for SPA, NT, Exquisite, Contenders, SPX, Ultimate, type cards


    Adrian Peterson
    Calvin Johnson
    Julio Jones
    AJ Green
    Matt Ryan
    Trent Richardson
    Doug Martin
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    Bump, still looking, have about $1000 saved up for these players

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    Have an '07 Bowman Sterling Adrian Peterson Patch/AU RC, looking for $160, scan is in my PC, lmk thanks!

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    not sure if you are looking for a Patch, but i have this for $17 pp dlvd.


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    check me out Have a nice AJ Green and Doug martin and t rich. also have a peterson supreme /27 auto but not scanned. pm me if interested.

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