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    RETRO games for sale! (SNES, Game Boy, PS1)

    Alrighty everyone... cleaning out the garage, and I need to make some $$$ while doing it.

    Here is everything I have for sale. Not really looking to break anything up, and for the right offer, it's all yours!

    SUPER NINTENDO SYSTEM, complete, working, with all cables and two controllers.

    (all carts only):

    California Games 2
    Gradius 3
    Killer Instinct
    King of the Monsters
    Mortal Kombat
    Primal Rage
    Street Fighter 2
    Super R-Type
    Super Smash TV
    Tetris 2
    WWF Royal Rumble
    WWF Super Wrestlemania



    I have a DMG-04 cable, which allows Game Boy to Game Boy play! Sells for about $5-$8.

    Also found a Light Boy, an attachment that fits on top of the game boy. Sells for about $5-$8 also.

    (both w/manual and original case):

    Buster Brothers Collection
    Tetris Plus

    I also have a PS1 controller. Working.

    Please make me an offer on anything you are interested in! PM works, as well as posts here!
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    Sold all of the Game Boy games! Thanks for the sale! List updated, anyone else?

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    I would love to move the SNES games and system! Anyone?

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    Can you post a price or pm me about the snes lot
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    What are you asking for the SNES system?
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