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    How often are star rookie players autos pulled from SAGE blasters??

    It seems like its a pretty tough task. 2 autos in a wal-mart/target box is always tempting for the price but I've bought a few in my days throughout the years and have never pulled any autos of star rookies. Anybody really pull these cards from a wal mart/target?

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    I don't think those Blasters are worth the money. Those sets typically have a lot of no-names in them that sell for 0.99 each on Ebay. The best I ever pulled was Demarco Murray, but that was before anybody knew he was good.

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    One has to assume the worst when you buy these blasters and it wouldn't really make sense for the company to load up the blasters with star players. They probably sprinkle in one out of a thousand autographs just to say they do release star autograph rookies in guaranteed blasters.
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    With roughly 30 or so blasters from basketball,football and baseball I have bought my best was a Rajon Rondo auto from Topps.i got like $30 on Ebay for it.Other than that all my autos are in my $1 bin
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    I pulled a Suh Prospectus auto from one of those blasters in 2011 when I saw a 2010 box left over at Meijers. I've also got a Ridley one from last year. Not quite a star yet, but better known then most of the jokers that are put in there.

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    I actually thought the same thing while I was at walmart the other day. Broke down and bought a box of sage HIT for I believe like $20... 2 autos per box. opened it up. First auto - Thomas Mayo. Got pretty disappointed after that. Then I saw the second auto. RG3 Artistry auto 72/100

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    I guess I misread, I didn't read Sage as the brand. I've seen Gronkowski and Clay Matthews pulled locally by a friend from Sage before.

    I've seen 2 A. Luck Topps Chrome 57 Ref Auto's that have been pulled from plasters and a Topps Platinum Die cut Auto /10 from one also, also saw a Topps Chrome Cam Newton pulled last year. Long shot at pulling autos, but there are some good pulls probably 1/5000 or something stupid like that.
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    back in 08 i bought one got a darren mcfadden/250, never collected before so that got me into cards n i thought sage was so great, started buying alot of it over about 2 yrs, found this site & found out sage was garbage lol had bout 100 autos think on average prob got 75cents apiece, still got the dmac though. So whether u get someone great or not, its still not worth the price tag. just like any other product.

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    I pulled doug martin from this years Sage blaster from walmart...

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