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    Crazy 2011-12 Sp authentic question

    I haven't collected this set in awhile, was wondering, is there any significance to the letters on the sp authentic fabrics cards? seen a couple that looked like a "#" sign. Thought maybe you could collect them and they spelled the players name, but that's not it.

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    i think your referring to sp game used and not authentic
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    Yes, the letters spell out stuff.

    Backstrom spells "Wash"
    Horton spells "Cups"
    HOwasd has the lettesr J, I, H
    Franzen spells "Wing"
    Lucic has the letter L, C, U
    Koivu has the letter L, W
    Dought has the charactesr 8, K

    These were all found with a quick search on eBay. I'm sure if you check the forums someone has compiled a list. If not, feel free to go a head and start one asking for letters seen.

    Hope that this helps & Cheers,

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    no clue. i had one of but had no idea. was wondering cause I thought it might be fun to put together if they do it again.
    only info I have found was a couple of the gold ones. spell "GOLD"

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    ovechkin spells GR88 (great 8)
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    I just found out. They spell out the 4 letters in the bottom corner of the back of the card. Here's to hoping they do it again this year. I might try to put it all together.

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