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    Quote Originally Posted by UK_wildcat77 View Post
    Price on the DeAngelo Hall mammoth patch and the Mallett Triple threads?
    21 dlvd

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    Jack Youngblood auto and Montana GU please

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    Quote Originally Posted by rtsjr View Post
    lmk ben roethlisberger gu
    hines ward gu
    11 dlvd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmyboy19 View Post
    21 dlvd
    A little too steep for me, but thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wisportsnut77 View Post
    Jack Youngblood auto and Montana GU please
    25 dlvd

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    Quote Originally Posted by giantfan270 View Post
    I like the J. Best 1/1
    U interested?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmyboy19 View Post
    I've had enough of this crap. Tired of getting 'sniped on' by some dum nubie on a card for my PC and then seeing it relisted for sale 2 weeks later at 2 to 3 times what i lost it at. Happened about 6 times in the last month or so. Sorry but I aint got time to sit around and wait by my computer for auctions to end. Don't these know anything? Yer not gonna sell it for twice of what you bot it for. I have busted exactly FOUR boxes this year. After the first 3 boxes of Inception (which were absolutle rubbish), I picked up a box of OVERPRICED TTT only for the fact that I really like this set every year. I think I probably made back about 20% of what I paid for it. Thanks Topps. And dont even get me started on Panini...Those jackwads still owe me a redemption from 2011 Absolute. Might as well write that one off...

    That being said... EVERY THING in my bucket is for sale. Anything that isn't under PACKERS, BADGERS, or YOUNT I will entertain offers on. I have a folder marked 'PC' in my bucket, all available for the right price.

    Now... wheres the smiley face givin' the double bird??
    Umm most people that snipe don't sit by their computers waiting for the auction to end....they use sniping programs. You just enter your max bid for a card and it places a bid for you within the last couple seconds...maybe you should either enter a higher max bid or start using a sniping program if you're going to complain about it

    And about 90% of the time you're not going to make your money back when opening boxes. Sounds like you are just uniformed about this hobby and maybe that's what you are frustrated about?

    I mean come on man not every box can be a winner. If you went to a casino and played roulette and bet $100 on black and lost would you ask the casino to give you some of your money back because its not fair? Opening boxes is a gamble, at least you get some of your money back. Q

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    PM price dlvd on Posey Inception, Brady GU

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    Ill take prices on the McFadden auto. Best mccluster dual auto. Mendenhall slideshow auto. Dwyer black auto. Derrick Williams auto black. Colt McCoy gu auto. Hunter booklet. And deon butler auto. Please pm me. Thanks

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