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    had a baby today want to buy one card a month for once hes older

    Broncos mostly but anything nice and cheap enough ill pick up

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    I'm I can't post scans.
    Have no Broncos I can think of.
    Feel free to cmb.

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    congrats on having a kid...i have 3 myself

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    Send me your address and Id like to contribute to your New babys future collection free of charge. Congrats

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    If you want Von Miller 2011 Plates and Patches #46/50 GU patch for $10 dlvd ill throw in any base broncos that i have from chrome and momentum

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    528 n grandview Hutchinson Ks 67501 thank you I just hope collecting is still around Wen he's old enough to enjoy it thanks on von and base

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    I have this one I could do real cheap, PLMK

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    I'll drop you a few in the mail. Hold them tight and cherish every day, it goes too fast!

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