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    Upper Deck Sweet Spot Signatures

    Hey Folks,

    Curious to know if this is a piece of helmet or just something that looks like helmet? It doesn't mention on the back of the card that it is a relic, so I assume it isn't.

    Here is a picture of the card I just picked up..

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    Just regular old plastic made to look like a mini helmet
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    Well isn't that a shame, but thanks for the knowledge!

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    Yea some love em, some hate em but just made to look like one. I think they are alright. Except sometimes the autos don't show well. I have the Rodgers rc that looks nice, and then I have a chad johnson bengals one and ya can't even see it cause he signed in black. With the Black Bengal stripes it's almost invisible. I honestly have to tell people it's signed sometimes. As a matter of fact!!!

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    Haha, thats funny. Took a look at the picture, and only because you said it, can I tell!

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