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    Obviously no one held it from you either. What's that like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shrewsbury View Post
    no one gave it to me
    So you came into the world as a self-sustained human, you always hunted and gathered your own food? Or did you have a mother "give" you milk?
    I can't believe you were completely self-educated! Around age 4 you just started seeking out knowledge on your own and paid for your teachers yourself?

    Maybe you did, but I doubt it.

    I think your parents spent a small fortune on you. I think you went to schools that were built and staffed and paid for by other people, I think you were safe and felt safe because the streets were patrolled by other people. I think you drive to your job on roads paved by other people, in a car built by other people and burning oil that was drilled by other people in a nation whose borders were defended by other people.

    Whoa! Slow down there welfare queen! That whole annoying 'society' thing you view as only a drain on your resources seems to have actually done pretty well for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 87sluggo View Post
    I will not pretend I know what I'm talking about here, you're an American and you live it, BUT I have to ask this..........why are taxes the domestic equvalent of Al-Quaeda in the USA? Taxes are, in the end, what keeps the country from falling apart, what keeps it safe, what keeps it running. It's what those elected into office DO with those taxes, that's the problem. You can't look at it black & white, "liberals" & "conservatives"..........there's been more than enough abuse on both sides.

    Here, I pay approximately 29% of my income towards federal and provincial taxes, Canada Pension Plan and unemployment insurance. Then there's sales taxes, and tolls and fees and user taxes etc. In return, I get a meager government pension when I turn 65, and a maximum of something like $800 every two weeks if I lose my job (I've never had to claim unemployment so I don't know for certain) But more importantly, the roads are in good condition, the schools do a good job, there are enough police and firefighters, and my basic medical premium is $50 a month, no matter if I have an ear infection or cancer. Because, in theory, everyone here pays their fair share of taxes, we're all keeping Canada afloat.

    I don't have a union job, but my dad was a union member for 30+ years at CN Rail. Unions aren't just about wages, they're about working conditions as well. In the beginning, unions gave us the 8-hour work day and the 5-day work week. Me, I work 10 hours a day without any overtime, in violation of the federal and provicial labor codes, but it is what it is. I'm paid well enough, and honestly I count myself as lucky to have a job to begin with.

    You're absolutely right, it isn't that simple, but when you demonize unions and The Left you're attempting to MAKE it that simple.

    P.S. I like your baseball cards, the Dawson and Vlady and Reggie Jacksons are awesome :)

    Thanks for the compliment on the cards but the Jacksons are gone. I tried figuring it out a long time ago. Why not JUST lower taxes and get people working? Why not just raise taxes and pay off the debt? It's all a shell game. I found a theory that I had thought of as a possible reason. See, we are all just sheep. Taxes, debts, gov't spending none of it matters really. Taxes are just a way to regulate inflation and deflation. WIthin that theory you need to change the real meaning of what money is. I think it relative, state by state, nation by nation. I believe it was called modern monetary theory. It is actually very interesting when you start getting into it and applying other social and economic principles or modern life. Such as the hyphenation of americans and western civilization. The breaking up of the family, corporate welfare etc.

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    matt, I have to love your need to extend things as far as possible.

    this is correct
    your resources seems to have actually done pretty well for you.
    correct, me and mine

    but if you want the truth, I will share a bit, since you seem to know so much about me.

    I came from a broken, abusive home with more than one so called father figure. I left before I finished high school and worked as a cook and at a gas station to survive. by age 24 I had 3 babies and was married, we got WIC and healthy start assistance and lived in a 24K home that was 550 sqft and had some major issues.
    we both went back to school, worked unskilled jobs and struggled providing for our kids. I got a job starting out at the bottom and after 18 years in the industry I have worked my way up to the near top. my wife started as a nurses aid and is now a BSN Hospice Resource Nurse, it all worked out with three kids college paid for, owning a much nicer home and getting ready to purchase our retirement home, we both even went back to school, now that the kids are gone. at 44 I still have a long way to go and if i can do it, nearly anyone can.

    I have worked in many poor areas and have been in countless government housing units, some are good people that need help, some will always need help, and some just don't care to help themselves. i have an issue that the people who would really benefit from the help don't get it because the people who don't care are wasting our resources. eliminating fraud and going back to the welfare to work standard is what needs to be done.

    you could tax us all at 90% and the people who would benefit from the help would still not get the real help they need. we need to create jobs and standards to get more people off welfare and more people paying taxes.

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    That is truly an amazing story - no sarcasm. I was much more lucky and pretty much plopped right near the end of the human race finish line.
    Obviously nobody is "for" welfare fraud and course it happens and people who abuse the system should be caught and kicked off. I don't think anyone really disputes that.

    But what I really don't get... and I'm sorry but I just don't... is how someone like you who directly benefited from government programs to get where you are today can turn around and literally say now that you are doing well, "nobody gave it to me."
    That's just not factual.
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    no one gave me anything, not even welfare. my taxes paid for it, I had to sign up for it, and go back for evaluations all the time.

    perhaps our idea of "someone gave it to you" is different?

    no one shows up and gives anyone welfare, no one shows up and gives anyone an education, no one shows up and gives you a jod, raise, or better job

    my issue is with the system not the people, kind of like religion, God isn't the problem it is people who abuse it

    my issue is not with the people who need the help, nor welfare, it is the people who abuse it on all sides.

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    Now I'd you could only decide how many people that is.

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    Of what?

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