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Thread: 1/20/13 Card Show Pick Ups

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    1/20/13 Card Show Pick Ups

    Went to a Card show about an hour from my house. I took $155 cash with me with the thoughts of buying a high end card and then using the rest for mid and low end purchases. So, there wasn't a single high end card that I was interested in. My next thought was to buy wax but my new years resolution was to grab singles that I want instead. Anyway, I ended up with the following:

    I paid $4 for this total. Considering that I wanted the Rondo Topps anyway...the other cards were just nice additions.

    I paid $30 at this table. I took a chance hoping that the Kobe Metals were the rookies. They aren't. I like the Skylines though.

    I paid $85 at this table. The guy wanted $130. I countered with $70. We settled on $85. The Production line is out of 399

    I paid $8 here. There was no bargaining needed. The guy had it tagged at $8. It is out of 249.


    I paid $15 for it. I have been looking for this card at a reasonable price.

    I left with $13 in my pocket.
    I think I did OK. Nothing great but spent less than half of BV all together.

    Thoughts? Opinions? I am curious to see if I am only seeing it as good because I have no other option but to think I did OK.

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    THank you. I didn't get that one really nice card that I was looking for but the money was just burning a hole in my pocket so it needed to go.

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    I think adding Kobe RCs is always a good thing! The Finest is pretty nice, too! All in all, I think you did just fine, and the only thing that really matters is if you are happy, which you are. Congrats!

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