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    Are Panini Prizm cards profitable to open?

    I like these cards, but are they profitable? I know it varies, but are they most of the time? I have 15 packs waiting to be opened.

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    9 times out of 10 boxes are not profitable or you won't make your money back. If you like the cards, open the packs, if not you can just sell the packs.

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    Like the previous poster said cards are 90% or more of the time more valuable not opened in packs then they are opened. Take for example sealed hobby boxes on ebay they sell for much more then if you actually sell all those cards in the packs.

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    I was about to drop $100 on a box but I have been debating.I might just buy some singles on Ebay these crads seem to high and I am afraid they will drop like a bad habit
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