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    FT/FS: Mario Lemieux Skate Lace Gold 1/1

    Still got this for trade/sale, looking to change it up. Happy to keep it in my PC if no offers are there that I like :)

    If you are strictly buying, $415 dlvd within Canada, $420 to the US.
    If you are trading, looking for the best offer possible, and higher than $450 in SV on ebay or so. It can be from a lot to a couple cards or a card and some cash or whatever. I just want the best offer on this. That means no checking buckets, lists, etc. Ain't nobody got time for that. (I probably do though)

    ITG Superlative Skate Lace Mario Lemieux Gold 1/1
    SV > $350 (what the /4 version went for); NPDTS

    So PM or post here. The card is on other sites as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottyt100 View Post
    That is a real cool card
    Nice card, but I wouldn't do it 1 for 1.

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    I might be able to throw in something else.
    depending on what you figure would even it up.
    Any players you fancy?
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