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Thread: BGS 9 Keep or Crack?

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    BGS 9 Keep or Crack?

    For newer cards are you better off with a BGS 9 or just ungraded?

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    Depends on the card. A 9 on an Inception product is like a 9.5 on anything else.

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    yeah it really depends on the product. if its condition sensitive product then keep it in the case. even if its topps chrome i would say keep it in the case cause centering is such a huge deal with chrome. unless its one of those or vintage i would say its up to you. it wont hurt anything with it being a 9. card companies state cards are suppose to be min (9.0) out of the pack although many arent. you may be better off keeping it in the case as is instead of rsiking damaging the card.

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    If it is a very condition sensitive set then it is better graded a 9. Everything else probably better to crack it.
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    I say keep it in. Not worth the risk IMO. 9 dosen't hurt either

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    Keep it. A 9 is worth more than raw almost every time

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