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    Looks like SP Authentic will be a loaded product and they'll most likely throw the Ultimate stuff into The Cup. Makes sense. Stuff that would have been difficult to move will now be sold. It's just like in 2004/05 when there was no hockey. The products that came out were absolute garbage as far as RC's went, BUT as far as inserts, etc., there was nothing more loaded than boxes of UD and UD Ultimate. That stuff was cray-cray.
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    Yikes... If they are releasing The Cup at the same pricepoint with about the same kind of distribution, it's gonna be terrible. I can understand that they are probably seeing a golden opportunity where Panini has thrown in the towel, but they will have to improve in product quality and value BIG TIME.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RGM81 View Post
    That's been my dream for about three years now. Take the best of everything and make a single SP product.
    I personally would prefer to see SPGU and SPA released separately, with SPx eliminated completely. I like the distinct difference between SPGU and SPA; mainly autographs in one product and mainly game-used in another. Other mid-end products like Ultimate and Artifacts offer a good variety of memorabilia and autographs, while I prefer SPA because I am not a big fan of common game-used cards.

    And to add to this post, I am very happy to see that SPA will indeed be released! My personal favourite.

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    As a Fellow collector I love going to the Sports card Expo in Toronto, getting my priority signings redemptions... I always buy UD Ser 1 & 2 as its a alright bang for its buck.. kinda currious how Big Chris and the crew at UD are going to work this one now... :)

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    Just to clarify, the 12-13 artifacts rookie redemptions will be produced and redeemable next season, right?

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    thanks for posting - I'd been waiting to find out what UD would be doing, esp after Panini cancelled so many products.

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    Man, so i have to wait till next year to start my Stefan Matteau PC :(

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