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Thread: A couple of cards in the mail.

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    A couple of cards in the mail.

    Recent purchases.

    I finally have a multi-auto for my pc. (Scratches are on slab).

    I have a soft spot for the older SPGU patch cards.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Really nice stuff Lee, that 10/10 is SHARP lookin :)

    I used to have a tiny little cheap Drury PC, used to feel bad how he got bounced around from team to team to team.................

    Oh hey, thanks again for the Cook and Geoffrion cards!
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    Thanks, and you're welcome! I want to see that set when you finish it.

    Drury was in my store last week. Nice guy, but no need to feel too bad for him. He's seems to be living quite comfortably.

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    I have no doubt he's comfy hahahaaa. It's just the look on his face in his Avs cards, he had the fire in his eyes and the giant cheese-eating grin, Look at meeeeeee I'm a NHL hockey playerrrrrrr!!!! And then it all faded awayyyyy. I always thought he coulda been so much more, that he WAS gonna be so much more.

    As far as that Century Collection set goes, I'm afraid I've stalled out, the only person I've sent any money to this year is you, boss..........
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    I think your soft spot isnīt too bad. I like older SPGU patches too.

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