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    Ima buy a box of 13/14 OPC for 1/3 the price and I bet you I have every bit as much fun........UD gets my money either way I guess :p
    And probably the same return too lol.

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    oh no, looks like about 20 new ovechkins, now i need to decide if i want to collect them all
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    I dig it. A breath of fresh air.

    Upper Deck really needs to stop using the "Movember" pictures they take on cards. The players look like such a joke like that... especially Crosby and Stamkos.
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    A GREAT idea however, the usual player selection and an overpriced product will make this product collect dusts on shelves. I wonder how much sales will get hurt for any spring products since UD announced they will be releasing trilogy over the summer with the new rookie crop.

    2012-13 is not a very good year for Hockey Cards...the 13-14 product is going to be very hot out of the gate.

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    Wish the price wasn't so high. Cant wait to hunt down more Irbe cards from this set. Let me know if you find any and want to trade.
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    As I see the first few breaks of this, this product is even more overpriced than I previously thought. $225/box, I wouldn't crack this for $80.
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    Those cards do not look retro at all unless by retro they mean 2000s.

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    yikes these cards look real ugly (aside from the sid)

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    At $212 a box I can't see how this is worth it??????? I'll be buying off ebay for sure now!lol I will never touch a box of this stuff, Brad.

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    frankie did a 6 box case, dont think he posted it here yet but the autos are horrible, 6 per box and to quote frankie "to use up their old stickers" was the point of this set. Some of the inserts look nice, and going by first day ebay sales some are selling nice (Patrick Roy Red /100 - 40$, Messier Blue /50 - 30$) and some of the subset parallels like metal universe are upwards of 10$, but if u bust this product in 2 weeks, its still 215$ with a bunch of inserts that are now selling for 5 - 6$.

    All in all, UD.... just stop

    ill wait until this box drops like Luxury Suite did, and then still probably not buy one.

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