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    My Decision Was Made. Grand Sale.

    I have thought and thought and I have decided I am going to sell everything in the main section of my bucket as a lot. I want to restart. Every card in the main part of my bucket will go accept for:
    11-12 Ultimate Debut Threads Smith
    12-13 Black Diamond Hardware Heroes Trottier
    12-13 Series 1 Clear Cut Pride Canada Giroux
    I want to sell everything for $210 which if you look at everything, which I advise you do, that is a good deal!
    Shipping must be discussed with anyone who is interested.
    Thanks for your time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roro17 View Post
    Any blackhawks lying around?
    yes, there are, but as said in the thread, I am selling everything as a lot for a good deal.

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    PM sent
    Collecting Ryan Murphy. Always looking to add PC Cards. Show me what you have to trade or sell!

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    Everything include the pc section? Like the kessels

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