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Thread: New here, check my bucket

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  2. 2bros - Topps2017
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    welcome to SCF

    I only pay via paypal invoice.

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    Check me for the Ray Rice aut. Thanks!
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    My wants are
    Want Jarrett Hoffpauir-38 /69= 55 %
    Also looking for these guys- Eric Hosmer, Salvado Perez, Allen Craig, Byron Buxton (Twins Prospect), Autsin Wilson (Mariners Prospects)
    I DO NOT trade by BV

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    Cmb for the ap auto and the 08 limited roger Craig patch thanks

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    Like the Lustrous Big Ben and the Limited Matty Ice. What are you looking for in return?
    Mid-High End Flickr account. Other albums may be available for a deal. PC is only available if I offer.
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    Can I have prices on the Aaron Hernandez Tribute Auto, Aaron Rodgers Absolute Jumbo Jersey and Joe Flacco Premier Auto?

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    Hidden Content <- Trade Pile
    Melvin INGRAM CHROME REF Needs:: Red Border #/25
    Xbox Gamertag:: Amob Of Orphans <--- Always down for some Madden or Fifa

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    Prices on the following:

    Photobucket: Hidden Content
    Everything is available except for PC
    Only taking offers atm.

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