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    FOR SELL* 5X 2005-06 ice rc auto premieres patches /10**vanek, bourque, howard, budaj


    I have all these 5 ice/10 2005-06 for sell

    bourque (2 colors)
    howard (1 color)
    vanek (4 colors)
    budaj (2 and 3 colors)

    ACCEPT to trade them for other ice/10 or also accept only in $$...all these 5 are for sell!! Make your offers by private message
    Olivier Parent

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    if you have a fair price take it all

    be wake up lower your price a bit if you want really sell

    foligno at 800 i think is unreal put the price in your threads i will buy all

    200 budaj 3 color 150 budaj 2 color
    vanek 350
    bourque 150
    275 howard

    this my offer on this 5 cards 1100 for llot

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    feel free to contact me if you own any ice auto patch/10

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    only the vanek is sold..all other still avaible

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