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    I know this off topic but since this is a sports card trading site I am curious to know what my fellow P&R members collect. As for me I mainly collect football and basketball rookie cards and autos, I also PC OJ Simpson, Walter Payton, Jordan, Kobe, and Lebron. I am also starting to branch out into hockey rookies and autos, I am considering wrestling and nascar autos and like autographed baseballs. What about everyone else?:
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    I collect anyone who went through the Westside Minor Hockey (my home association) and made it anywhere. These are:
    Steve Kelly: Hockey - First WMHA grad to make it to the NHL. Also the first to win a Stanley Cup (with New Jersey)
    Barry Brust: Hockey - I went to school with Barry for a year before he took off to play junior. Drafted by Minnesota, he went on to LA where he played a few NHL games. He was in the Ottawa system before signing in Germany last season. He's been playing for the Abbotsford Heat, Calgary's farm team.
    Danny Watkins: - Football - I went to school with Danny for 3 years and reffed hockey with him (as well as reffing his games) for 5. Last time I saw him, he was quitting junior hockey to be a fireman. Next thing I know he's drafted first round in the CFL and turning it down because he's a shoe in for the NFL. He gets taken 26th overall by (ugh) Philly and the rest is history.
    Justin Schultz: Hockey - I reffed a LOT of his minor games from the when he was 8 or 9 until he was 13-14. This summer, before playing even 1 NHL game, he was the most sought after free agent in the league (Anaheim drafted him, but he went to college and never signed). He is definitely going to be expensive when his real (non team issue) cards come out.

    My dad and I are also trying to collect 1 of every Vancouver Canucks card made by O-Pee-Chee. Just made a purchase that makes the collection complete from the start (1970-71) to 1992-93. It gets a little spotty after tha.
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    Kobe Bryant,Don Mattingly,Derek Jeter and Moe harkless.Also have a little side thing where i collect autos and game used of athletes who have had major brushes with the law.
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    Not really a big poster here, but this what I collect.
    Past and present Denver Nuggets. My old pc was Arron Afflalo until he was traded away. I'm now focusing on Evan Fournier, and Kenneth Faried once more product comes out and his prices drop. A little of all great players in Co. history, Avs, Broncos, Rockys, etc.

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    Herman Edwards and Brandon Boykin
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