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    Cool A few nice hits yesterday: Roy Auto, Lemieux Auto, Auto Jersey /5, RNH&Hall PICS!

    Did our normal thursday night breaks....
    this is what we got.... All in all.... 9 Boxes of Black Diamond & 2 Contender....
    Here are the best of all lot of hits...

    TOP 5:



    3: could very well be #1, havent seen another of the regular (at least for a long while); the golds /25 pop up pretty frequently in comparison.



    Not 1/2 bad. Also there were Ruby /100 of Orr, Lemieux, Brodeur, Roy...other acetate inserts, kreider, baertschi and other rookies just to name a few.
    Another fun evening with a few friends.
    Thanks for the look. All FS if interested.

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    Nice breaks
    what would be your best best price for the lemieux auto

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    "I also Trade based on BV, Not SV so dont quote me Ebay Sales"

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    pm me all the rubys you got with individualy prices and as a lot.

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    Wow. Amazing break!
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    Looking for: Patrick Roy, 80s OPC, 72/73 OPC
    GO HABS GO!!!!
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    How much for the Lemieux and Roy. Also if they are up for trade PM me with answers plz

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