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    the LAST mail-day.........the horror......the horrorrrrrr

    So........that's that. I don't collect hockey cards anymore. What exactly am I supposed to DO now??? Sonofa...........................

    First up, hi-lites from a care package full of weird stuff from Don The Flyers Guy, thanks again there sir.................

    1973/74 Mac's Milk cloth stickers

    1984/85 North Stars partial team set

    70/71 Esso stickers + a couple other Flyers

    NEXT!!! The only money I've spent this year, two cards from Lee (Fleeeeemur) a couple more adds to my Century Collection

    NEXT!!!!!!! The last of the eBay wins.......................Canucks past & present

    Canucks present and future. I looooooove this card :)

    A little stack of 70's / 80's Topps & OPC for SIX DOLLARS yayyyyyy!!!

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnd the lasttttttttt item, paid for with my eBay bucks, one last Mac-Donalds jersey...................

    So yah, guess I'll start sorting it all out or something
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    So you stopped collecting Hockey cards because you got an Alfredsson patch card?

    Probably the weirdest reason for quitting I've ever read.

    Will Trade in your Favour for: 2008-09 Between the Pipes Masked Men MM-26 (M.Turco)
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    Ummmmmmmmmm...........nope, don't really have an answer for that one :D
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    Nah, he stopped because I told him those two Century Legends cards were the last cards I had left to sell and I had nothing else left that I could ask him to pay for.

    Nice "last haul" of cards. I really like the 70s-80s vintage card lot. The Platinum McD's patch card is really sweet as well. Those are very nice patches for their time.

    I'm sure you'll find organizing all the cards you've gotten will keep you busy. Maybe the mailman will throw you a surprise mail day.
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    Nice last mailday. The Alfie is really cool.
    Most Wanted: 1998-99 O-Pee-Chee Chrome Refractor 127 Ulf Samuelsson,
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    I'm really sorry to hear that you're quitting hockey cards, Ed. Is there a specific reason? And are you going to focus on other hobbies? Whatever reasons you may have, please feel free to spend some time on SCF and also post a few comments and maybe even an occassional thread. Otherwise we'll miss you!

    Collecting Mask Cards

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