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Thread: berman74's IP Success Thread

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    berman74's IP Success Thread

    I ave read many of the success threads on here for a while and have now decided to start my own. I mainly do baseball but in the winter I do hockey. I also do the celebrities, musicians and politicans that come to Ohio University. Without further ado I will start my thread with my first two graphing opportunities I had this year.

    Detroit Red Wings @ Columbus (All on blank practice pucks)
    1/1 Pavel Datsyuk
    1/1 Mike Babcock
    2/2 Johan Franzen puck + card
    1/1 Drew Miller
    1/1 Tom McCollum
    1/1 Niklas Kronwall
    2/2 Jimmy Howard puck + card
    1/1 Kyle Quincey
    1/1 Patrick Eaves
    1/1 Jonathon Ericsson
    1/1 Valterri Filppula
    1/1 Jordin Tootoo


    Bob Saget came to OU and I was the only one waiting for him to come to the venue. He was a very nice guy and did not disappoint me.
    2/2 ROMLB and Event poster

    If someone can help me decrease the size of my pictures i would greatly appreciate it.
    My next opportunity will be the tomorrow (1/26) with the Chicago Blackhawks @ Columbus and a post game autograph session with the Columbus Bluejackets.
    Thanks for reading.
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    Cool stuff! I look forward to seeing more successes from you.

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    Good Stuff. Can I ask why you got Saget on a ROMLB? I've gotten actors on OMLB's if there where in a baseball movie. But, just some random actor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by howiek View Post
    Good Stuff. Can I ask why you got Saget on a ROMLB? I've gotten actors on OMLB's if there where in a baseball movie. But, just some random actor?
    I do alot of baseball autos and generally hae a good supply of ROMLBs and I dont like 8x10s too much, so I decided to start getting people like him who come to Ohio University, have also gotten Jesse Jackson and Seth Myers, on them as I think it cool to add to my 500+ MLB players.

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    1/26/13 Chicago Blackhawks @ Columbus

    Forgot to mention in my first post that I live with my dad to save money on dorm fees and he helps me at bigger events like baseball and hockey games and I will mark what I got first and what he got for me second 2nd, for furture reference. Yesterday was one of the most mixed up and best days of graphing I have ever had. We arrive in Columbus roughly around 9:15 looking for people outside the hotel or the bus for the Blackhawks that would take them to morning skate. In the process, I found the where Brandon Philips and the reds caravan guys were staying but brought nothing for them and I was unable to find them before their morning skate. Then around 12:15 we found out that were in town and went back downtown and found where they were at. But when they arrived back from practice, we got completely shutout and at that this point was getting very bleak. Just when we thought we had a wasted day, we racked as they got on the bus to go the game getting the following:
    If just 1/1 puck, I had no cards
    Joel Quenneville (Head Coach) 1/1 Puck
    GM Stan Bowman 1/1
    Assitant Coach and former player Troy Murphy 1/1
    Dave Bolland 1/1 puck
    Michael Frolik 1/1 puck
    Nick Leddy 1/1 puck
    Ray Emery 1/1 puck
    Ed Olcyk 0/1, 0/1 Had no interest in signing was gonna double up on puck as I forgot my cards
    Patrick Sharp 0/1, 0/1 said no
    Marcus Kruger 0/2, 0/1 only signed 1
    Brandon Saad 0/3, 0/1 said he would sign when he came back out, never saw him he might have come out as I was getting someone else
    Johnny Oduya 1/1 puck
    Brent Seabrook 1/1 puck it is for sale or trade as it was a mix up as I already have a signed puck of him.
    Jamal Myers 1/1 puck
    Marian Hossa 1/4, 1/4 1 per and my dad got a puck instead of 1/3 cards I gave him as he was unable to get to his binder in time. Puck is FS/T
    Patrick Kane 1/1, 1/1 one of cards could be FS/T
    Jonathan Toews 1/2 cards, 1/1 puck my favorite of the day as last year he was on IR when I did them

    Bluejackets Team Autograph Session
    I'll post the setup first
    Going by those rules we thought we would make it through two lines apiece if we were lucky. I ended up making thorugh four lines and my dad only made ot through two as he only took four pucks not thinking he would get though more. This was due to the amount of Blackhawk fans in the arena and a 3-2 Bluejackets loss. Here's the damage:My dad:
    Jack Johnson 1/1 puck
    John Moore 1/1 puck
    Vinny Prospal 1/1 Puck
    Sergei Bobrovsky 1/1 Puck

    James Wisnieski 1/1 puck
    Artem Anisimov 1/1 puck
    RJ Umberger 1/1 puck
    Derek Dorsett 1/1 puck
    Derick Brassard 1/1 puck
    Ryan Johansen 1/3 card
    Nick Foligno 3/3 puck and 2 cards line was so short willing to do all 3
    David Savard 1/2 puck same line as Foligno but forgot I had a card of him until today when i lokked at my sheets
    Colton Gillies 1/1 puck
    Brandon Dubinsky 0/3\
    Mark Letestu 0/1 This line left early as nobody went to their lin and was disappointed that they left so early.
    Derek McKenzie 0/1 /

    Overall 31 autos, 24 pucks and 7 cards, and it was a great day. sorry for the long read. My next day I will be out will be on Thursday 1/31, for St. Louis Blues.

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    Nice haul on the Hawks/Jackets! I live in Columbus as well and am planning on 'graphing the Jackets and possibly some visiting teams. PM incoming.

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    Impressive haul...another Ohio (soon-to-be Columbus) guy here as well. Any interest in trading one of the Folignos?
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    I collect Packers, Buckeyes, Indians, Blue Jackets, Anthony Schlegel, and Nikita Nikitin
    R.I.P Stefanie Spielman, Dante Lavelli, Bob Feller, Jack Tatum

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    Today was a dud. The St. Louis stayed at the same hotel as the Blackhawks but they are now taking the bus in the back. For people interested in wht happened PM me especially Columbus people, and I got absolutely nothing.

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    NHL IP Recap

    Sorry for the length of time between posts. School kept too busy to update after every game. During the NHL season in Columbus, I got around 250 pucks and 104 cards signed. I got every Blue Jacket at least twice and got every member of team on a single signed puck. My favorite two visiting players I as able to get this year were Jarome Iginla and Teemu Selanne. The only got that eluded me this season that I wanted to get was Henrik Zetterberg, the only game I didn't do out of the three he signed. Hockey is my favorite sport to do autographs but I am excited for baseball season.

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