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Thread: Jacked-Up BGS Card?

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    Jacked-Up BGS Card?

    So I was reading a couple posts on grading and it triggered my somewhat bizzare sense of humor. Specifically, I want to add a modern era card (low-end auto ideally) that gets slabbed as a "1" or even a "0" (if there are such things) to add as a discussion piece.

    Some of my thoughts were to spend a week using the card as a coaster, singe off 1 or more corners with a lighter, add some artistic enhancements (e.g. mustache, disparaging but family friendly remarks about the player) and punching a kitten-shaped hole with one of the arts & crafts hole punchers my niece owns.

    Sure, it would be throwing money away, but I do much worse breaking wax and this would certainly make for more laughs. Just curious if anyone has done or seen such a card slabbed. And am I the only one who would find this amusing?

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    That would be kinda funny, but don't do it with an auto!!! Such a disrespect for the player. Use a base card instead
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    They may not even do it but you'd be paying them so who know.

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    Thats hilarious my younger brother has a 1998 Curtis Enis Ex Rookie that he uses to scrape his marijuana into his pipe that has green edges that we have thought about sending to BGS for fun. Ha

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    I think if I go forward with it, I have a duplicate Joe Lefeged (sp?) contenders I will use. Maybe I will put it on eBay as a "Pop 1"

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    lol, do it! someone will probably buy it because it's a pop 1. "Only one in the world"

    That's great. Really, you would be doing the hobby a favor by reminding us all that it is supposed to be a hobby and we all take it too seriously sometimes. Some more than others.

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    and put a Hello kitty sticker on it!

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    It isn't football and it isn't BGS but here is one that is pretty jacked up!

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