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    SPGU, (2) more boxes Fabs 6 / Red Wings/Blackhawks & Rangers Triple Patch & more

    Stopped by both locals today, local two for football posted in football breaks and then on to local one to try SPGU. Was only going to bust a pack, but you know how it goes, two boxes later!

    Can't complain:


    i know nothing of this guy????

    Vet auto:

    Second straight box of pulling Fleury auto, pulled inked sweater in my previous box

    On to the money cards:

    Fab SIX



    Absolutely stinks that UD weaselled out and didn't number the FAB Six cards

    Nice Rangers Patch #8/15

    Can't complain. Time to move on to something else, Wait there is almost going to be nothing else for a long while!

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    nice again
    I am interested in the auto fleury and also th eother auto inked sweater fleury

    lmk what you need
    can you cmb and tradepage

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    Hidden Content

    "I also Trade based on BV, Not SV so dont quote me Ebay Sales"

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