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    Wcw/nwo updates, will buy or trade

    I've made a decent bit of progress lately. Here is what I have so far. I will buy or trade for ones I don't have.

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    I have a liz auto, looking at $200 + shipping

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    Can I trade you something for that cool, super-macho bedspread you have the cards laying on?

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    Says the man whose mother cleaned his apartment the last time he moved.

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    I don't know what's more shameful . . . that frosty the snowman comforter or the fact that you have an Erik Watts autograph in a more favorable camera position than the Randy Savage--is that a "Highlights for Children" magazine sitting on top of that comforter?

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    Goofus and Gallant got me through grade school. Don't knock it man.

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    PM sent to Bootan and Bigdinca. Love that this thread has degenerated into Highlights jokes.

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