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    Weird Collison Nat'l Treasures RPA

    Is this common in this set for the player to sign on the swatch? I looked through ebay and found that he was the only player to have done this. Odd, indeed.

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    Its not common but i have seen it before.
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    Yeah i believe Collison did that with all his RPA's. Its not uncommon, i can remember that Ben Gordon signed his Preferred Silhouettes from last year on the swatch instead of on the bottom of the card. It is kind of odd, but it sometimes happens.
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    yeah this was a mistake, its funny panini never corrected saw this same collison thing a while ago as well. Though overall you think Panini would have corrected it though,I guess they couldn't make new cards.

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    this is possibly why his RPA go for so little compared to others.

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