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    2012/13 Timeless Treasures: Rockets Galore!

    So I decided to try out timeless treasures for the first time. Figured with such a small quantity of cards for the price, I'd get something decent......well, so much for that.

    Base - 4 Cards (CP3, Kevin Love, Luol Deng, Carl Landry)


    Forbes Auto /199

    Parsons Auto /199


    Marcus Morris Glass Rookie Auto REDEMPTION /499

    All for trade or sale....
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    Looking for Derrick Rose!!!

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    Too bad you don't collect Houston, huh? Sorry the break wasn't better. Treasures is a real hit or miss product - I did a sponsor break over on Trader Retreat back during its first release, and the break happened to be a good one (Brandon Jennings auto).
    gone and done -- fun while it lasted

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    Check me for the Parsons if it's available please!
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