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Thread: Strata blaster

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    Strata blaster

    Unfortunately was the best option I had to go for other than topps prime. Should have got the prime.

    And the 2 best cards are

    Ryan tannehill and doug martin base. No inserts, no parallels, no numbered. All base cards. As crappy as that was the least I could have got was a luck base rc. Lesson for me. I will never buy another blaster unless its chrome. Is this just how the strata blasters are? Only base?

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    I think I pulled a die cut type Luck rookie. That's about it for my blaster, should have went with the prime as well. lol
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    Nice Tannehill and Martin! Hard to get hits in blaster boxes!

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    Yeah, my general rule of thumb is, if it's not a Chrome blaster, don't buy it. Never fails me lol.

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    Strata sucks luckily I did hit a Luck base rc in the one that I bought. Learned my lesson. Chrome rules!
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    I actually thought Strata blasters were pretty good in terms of getting a hit. Maybe it was the first couple weeks it was out seemed like everyone got a hit from theirs. I thought you were pretty much promised a hit. I guess not.

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    Prime and Strata are both pretty bad,but out of the 2 Strata is the better buy,I've had decent luck with that hitting 4 auto's and 3 diecuts in 8 blasters,prime the only things I got out of 3 blasters were the blue parallel's.
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    I bought one of prime and it was horrible. I heard someone say that the some of the die cuts in strata were messed up out of the box. I had luck with the one blaster of crown that I bought.

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    Out of three strata blasters ive gotten one was mostly base then the other two one had a diecut, a luck rookie, and a greg childs clear cut auto and the other had a luck rookie and an isiah pead auto/50

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