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    Looking for 2012 Topps Chrome Gold Refractors and many others

    Chrome is one of my Favorite Products (((((( but not limited to just that will look at all )))) ,from base rcs to refractors ,colored and #D and especially autos lol . I am looking for all years and all top name players , all sports also !!! Names like Tom Brady , Aaron Rodgers , Andrew Luck , Russell Wilson , Kirk Cousins , RG3 , Colin Kaepernick , Cam Newton , Rob Gronkowski , Aaron Hernandez , Peyton Manning , Eli Manning , Julio Jones , A J Green , Adrian Peterson , Calvin Johnson , Kevin Durant , Lebron James , Kobe Bryant , Michael Jordan , Mike Trout , Top Prospects , you get the idea lol , etc etc etc etc I AM WANTING TO TRADE MOSTLY ,BUT WILL BUY IF PRICE IS RIGHT ! PLEASE POST SCANS AND WANTS HERE OR SEND ME A MESSAGE WITH A LIST OR DIRECT LINKS , MY BUCKET LINK ((( THERE ARE MANY ALBUMS WITH SUB-ALBUMS SO CHECK ALL OR ASK ,THANK YOU ))))

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    I have an extra Greg Jennings 2011 chrome gold Ref /50

    I'd be looking for Packers stuff or can sell

    Lmk if interested


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    Thanks for the offer Coop , sorry to say I am not needing that one , but I do have some packers stuff and if you have any rc refractors or colored lmk doesn't have to be gold ones , just looking for the bigger names that's all , lmk thanks even the base rcs in chrome . Brady ,Rodgers ,Luck ,Wilson ,Cousins ,etc etc etc etc


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