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    Kelly Holcomb $160 RC, last chance

    I have been getting offers for this so if you want it, better hurry, wont last more than a day or so. Mint condition, perfect corners and the graded report on card #417 has been the vast majority 8.5 or better, with 2 cards 9.5! Every $1 the regular card goes up, this one goes up $8.

    Kelly Holcomb RC-99 Pacific #417(Platinum Blue #35/75)BV $160

    E-mail me directly at

    Will accept $80 cash or cash and trade, or trade for a good Vick,Pennington,Carr,Brees,Harrington,Hutchinson,L eftwich,Dorsey. Possibly will take GU of Manning or Favre... I TAKE PAYPAL.

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    Will you take anyoen else?

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    Tell me what higher booking cards you have or if you want to do cash and cards. I'll take a look and see.

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    well, i am going to have a really hard time trading you a auto or something since it is only a numbered RC, check my stie out though, i would be willing to give you an Olandis Gary 1/7. Let me know

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    Sorry guys. Its been traded. If you are curious what I got, here it is.

    2000 u.d. mvp prosign tim couch $40
    2002 finest Auto/RC William Green $50
    2002 donruss elite(turn of the century Auto #ed/40) Andre Davis $80

  6. #6 got the better end of the deal for sure,excuse me while I drool over the Couch auto,lol...

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    Allstar, they are all for trade. I NEED A GOOD PENNINGTON,CARR,LEFTWICH.

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