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    Daniel Claery, or any other Newfie, seem to.
    That Crosby guy, everyone seems to want his stuff.

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    Cleary's stuff was selling well when he became the first Newf to have his name on the Stanley Cup, the last 2 seasons, he has been the Thumber he was in his first 8 seasons. His stuff really isn't selling outside of Newfoundland.

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    I don't know but some Probert stuff is insane to get.
    I saw two 1/1 patches fetch over $700.00 apiece.
    You would have a hard time getting that much for a ITG Crosby patch.
    Good luck trying to get an 11-12 Enforcers autograph now.
    Last one sold for over $300.00
    You want a rare Probert card.
    You have to have deep pockets.

    So glad I finished my set before the prices started going through the roof.
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