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    HUGE Group Break - 1 case of 2011 Limited Football + 1 case of 2012 Limited Football

    Hey guys. Lets try something new, and throw out a mixer of 2011 and 2012 Panini Limited Football.. BUT lets do a FULL 15 box case of each. This will be a team draft, as that is the only feasible way to do this. We are looking at 30 boxes with at least 90 hits.

    2011 Product Info

    Look for Colin Kaepernick RC's!Look for (3) Autographs or Memorabilia Cards per box!!
    - One Autograph seq. #ed to 299 or less
    - One Memorabilia seq. #ed to 199 or less
    - One other Autograph or Memorabilia- seq. #ed to 299 or less
    - 2 Commons sq. #ed to 499 or less
    - 1 Legend seq. #ed to 499 or less
    - 1 Rookie seq. #ed to 499 or less

    Eight or more of the following:
    NFL Shield, NFL Shield Signature, Brand Logo, Brand Logo Signature, Rookie Lettermen, Limited Cut, Jumbo Prime Signature, On-Card Signature Material Phenoms or signatures of Jerry Rice, Cam Newton, Joe Namath, Mark Ingram, Adrian Peterson, Troy Aikman, Julio Jones, Brett Favre, Philip Rivers, A.J. Green, Barry Sanders, Troy Polamalu, Michael Vick, Jake Locker, Drew Brees, Blaine Gabbert, Tom Brady, Emmitt Smith, Dan Marino, Christian Ponder, Sam Bradford, Peyton Manning, Andy Dalton, Aaron Rodgers, Charles Woodson, Colin Kaepernick, Ben Roethlisberger, Tony Romo, Daniel Thomas, Larry Fitzgerald and Stevan Ridley
    2012 Product Info

    Look for (3) Autographs or Memorabilia Cards Per Box!!
    Find Material Phenoms RC - Continuing the popular line of rookie cards in Limited, these RCs are not only on-card autographed but also feature a stunning die-cut representing each player's team.
    New for 2012! Hog Heaven - A new introduction into Limited, Hog Heaven features authentic football swatches that are signed in brilliant silver. Limited Cuts - History is honored in this classic insert, featuring cut signatures from some of the game's greatest legends.
    Limited's calling-card RC'ss return with on-card autographs and team-name die-cuts filled with massive pieces of event-worn memorabilia.
    Key Rookies: Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Trent Richardson, Justin Blackmon, Michael Floyd, Ryan Tannehill, Brandon Weeden.


    This group break is going to be done as a team draft break. After you post your interest in a slot number, I will put your name in the list. After it is filled and paid, I will randomize the MEMBER SLOT LIST. That will give us our team draft order. After we get that order, each member will draft an NFL team based upon the draft order. This product has 5 autographs per box, so that is 60 autographs in this break, not to mention the various parallels and inserts! Hopefully, that will give a chance for most of the teams to get something. Should any participant not get any hits or rookies/inserts/parallels, I will send something out of my own stash (a relic or autograph) so that everyone at least gets something. Only one copy of each base card will be shipped.

    Cards will be divided as follows:
    1. All cards will be sorted via the team whose jersey the player is pictured in.

    2. If a card displays a player in a jersey other than an NFL jersey, the card will be added to the pile of the team listed on the card. Should there not be a team, player will be placed with his current team. In the event the player does not have a team, card will be assigned to former team.

    3. In the event there are multiple players pictured on the card, the card will be randomly given to one of the teams pictured/listed.

    4. In the event a redemption is pulled, they will be randomly given to one of the piles in the draft unless the redemption specifically states the player(s) the redemption is for.

    Once you have your slot locked, this is a binding deal. Anyone backing out after the team is locked will receive a negative feedback rating and will not be permitted to participate in future group breaks.

    The price is $83 dlvd per slot. This covers the case, shipping, and new toploaders/sleeves/teambags/bubble mailers for these cards.

    People outside of the U.S. are welcome to join, however, delivery confirmation isn't affordable on packages going outside the U.S. I can't be responsible if these get lost, but I would be happy to get international tracking if you pull something really nice and wanted to get that security of having it tracked at your expense. The packages will be properly packaged and supported by myself and sent with DC. Insurance is OPTIONAL. If you would like to purchase insurance, you may. Otherwise, I amNOT responsible for damage done by the USPS.

    There is a limit of five (5) slots per member.

    Once you have posted your interest in a slot (pick a slot position), that will be considered a confirmation of the trade. I will post the trade with payment information inside. IT IS A BINDING DEAL. Payment is expected within THREE DAYS of group break selling out. If you do not pay before the three days expire, you will lose your slots and negative feedback will be given. If you pay and the group break doesn't fill, a proper refund will be given! That will get this process rolling much faster!

    If you trade or sell your slot to another member on SCF and you post a trade in the trade manager for the transaction, the cards will go to the original owner of the slot who will then be responsible for shipping the cards to the new owner of the slot. This prevents anyone from receiving feedback for technically not doing anything.

    I reserve the right to pick on your behalf should a pick not be made within 24 hours. All randomization will be done live via blogtv to prevent any problems that may occur. The break will be done live at

    So whose in?

    2. patriotsfan (PAID)
    3. SgtAJC (PAID)
    4. bscook86 (PAID)
    5. deansayso (PAID)
    6. patriotsguy (PAID)
    7. spydermat (PAID)
    8. ufgator12279 (PAID)
    9. dlhdaman (PAID)
    10. Raw5060 (PAID)
    11. echunks (PAID)
    12. bradyfanatic1224 (PAID)
    13. mattleegee (PAID)
    14. dlhdaman (PAID)
    15. deansayso (PAID)
    16. Jazzer540 (PAID)
    17. Raw5060 (PAID)
    18. arfmax (PAID)
    19. dlhdaman (PAID)
    20. Raw5060 (PAID)
    21. BayAreaJavy (PAID)
    22. dimsey (PAID)
    23. Christianfriend (PAID)
    24. NBSII (PAID)
    25. SgtAJC (PAID)
    26. mattleegee (PAID)
    27. Afrank45 (PAID)
    28. spydermat (PAID)
    29. texantexanCC (PAID)
    30. texastexanCC (PAID)
    31. dlhdaman (PAID)
    32. echunks (PAID)
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    I'll take 7 as well
    Collecting Adrian Peterson and Blake Griffin in that order.
    my bucket
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  3. SCC End 2017
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    Quote Originally Posted by spydermat View Post
    I'll take 7 as well
    Quote Originally Posted by deansayso View Post
    I'll take 15 please!
    Gotcha guys. Thanks!

    11 to go.

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    Got ya! 10 to go. I will send trades out today, and you guys can start paying if ya want while we fill the last ten. That way we will be ready to random.

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    Do you know of a LCS not on this list, if so post Hidden Content and let us know about them!

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    Thanks Roger.

    Guys, please let me know when you have paid!

    We also have 10 spots left!

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    Payment sent
    Collecting Adrian Peterson and Blake Griffin in that order.
    my bucket
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