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Thread: Postage due....

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    Postage due....

    Why would I get a slip in my box saying POSTAGE DUE,$1.30 .. Now I have to pick up the card at the PO, and spend additional money.

    What would you do?
    I will check ebay and will not provide sick profits.

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    pick it up, pay it, and contact whichever cheap trader didnt put enough postage on the envelope...
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    Yea...I have had this happen to me three times before. Twice the trader/seller was very cool about it...admitted the honest mistake and quickly paid me the difference and offered (which I declined) some freebies for the inconvenience. The other was a deadbeat, which forced me to eat 2 bucks and 15 minutes. Hopefully it is the former for you.

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    I have had it happen at least half a dozen times but it's usually a quarter or less. $1.30?? That's kind of crazy that it made it that far to be honest. Seems like that much it should have been RTS

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    Happens to me alot If the other trader MSF I tell PO to send it Back postage due If not I pay it & contact other trader most are pretty good about it but I've had some say oh well your loss then I leave neg feedback

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    I had it happen a few times if its cheap enough I pay it. One time I had to pay close to $5. Man I was pissed
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    I always pay it to get the card, otherwise you have to wait for them to send it all the way back, then all the way back to you...

    Its annoying, but better than waiting another week to get your card. Hopefully the other person makes it right.


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    how does a card get shipped without the proper amount of postage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by meandsharon11 View Post
    how does a card get shipped without the proper amount of postage?
    especially $1.30 worth, maybe they put multiple stamps on a bubble? lol
    I will check ebay and will not provide sick profits.

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    lol yeah i doubt that. i was under the impression the PO wouldnt ship anything without the proper postage. thats one of the purposes for a return adress.

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